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Managed by DAV College Managing Committee, DAV Public School, Tenduni Chowk,  Ara-Road, Bikramganj is recognised as a leading educational institution in Rohtas (Bihar). It is mainly appreciated for discipline and character building among children. It provides congenial environment for the overall development of the children.
Here at DAV, we are dedicated to go beyond the traditional methods of chalk and duster and adapt/invent new methods, in order to provide quality education and better understanding to students. For the children, learning is a fun; they enjoy their school at that level that they are never ready to miss any classes. They are taught how to face the challenges of the new world along with the moral, spiritual and ethical values.
Our main aim is to provide a caring, healthy and challenging environment, where children learn to meet the challenges of life, with confidence.
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DAV Public School, Tenduni Chowk
Ara-Road, Bikramganj
Rohtas (Bihar)-802212
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.davtendunibikramganj.org.in

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